Privacy Policy


What Is California Jackets

At California Jackets our aim is to keep all the data of our customers private as we shop from our website. When ordering or registering on your site, you may be asked to enter your name, email address, mailing address number. But they are kept private and we prevent it reaching any other individual. However, you may visit our site anonymously.

California Jackets knows how to protect your privacy and we take it seriously. As we proceed with the shipping procedure.


What kind of Data do we require from customers?

We use only your information that is helping us to facilitate online shopping. We collect globally accepted information. The best practice that we use to make your safety is our first priority. If you want to avoid such a hurdle you can shop anonymously without signing up at our website.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

We strive to protect your information that we collect and allow us to keep you posted with the latest update. We prefer to collect it with the fair means or with your consent.

Since we make an effort to make your shopping experiences incredible therefore, we make efforts to manage your purchases, manage your registration and also respond to your services, respond to your communications and other deals that you receive from us. 

Email Marketing: With the permission of the customers we may send emails about the latest updates, products and other updates.

In order to protect the privacy of the customers we aim to avoid collecting the personal information from them.


We use cookies that are the small files that are stored that facilitate browsing. Please continue to read to understand what is the purpose of these details and other information of interest.

For the detailed information we process your data in collaboration with the third parties and data to privacy policy.

Protection Of Personal Information

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

At California Jackets Security Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that provides privacy, authentication and integrity to internet communications. It ensures authentication, data integrity and data communication. It also provides you with confidentiality and provides the security to your data.

Payment Privacy Policy

For the payment transactions the data that we collect enables or processes the transaction. For example, when you choose a business it will also receive transaction data that includes your personal bank account information. As you do the purchase you just send us the email address, name, address which will be delivered to the company. Once the transaction is completed your data will be deleted.