Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping and Delivery Process 

Estimated Delivery Time 

The delivery time of every product that you order varies from order to order. The customized product that you order takes a bit longer to deliver in comparison to the one that does not hold any customization. 

  • The Free Shipping delivery time for any non-customized product is approximately 8 to 10 working days. 
  • We provide urgent/expedite shipping however it will still take 4-6 working days and unfortunately is not free. You will be charged $25 and your product will be delivered to your doorstep.
  •  We work on business days from Monday to Friday. Also, note that if you place the order after 1 pm then it will be counted in the list of orders placed on the next day. 
  • The customization of each product holds a different delivery time according to the customizing details. 
  • However, the custom orders are delivered within 12 to 15th business days. 

The Trackable Shipping:

Along with the shipping of your parcel, we provide you with the tracking ID too. It is a number that lets you know about your parcel. How far it has been reached and when it will reach the destination, you can keep an eye on these details. The purpose of sharing it is to keep you aware of the product’s status. In case it has been put on hold, whether by the courier company or at the custom, you will know it too and can address the issue. 

Once your order is delivered and you get the tracking ID then get in touch with the team of the courier company. Keep an eye on your product, know when it will reach you, and if you are not present at the location then let them know. But keep in mind, after multiple delivery failures your parcel will be destroyed by the courier company. As they possess this right on your parcel. So keep your eyes open and be attentive about the delivery. 

Our Truster Courier Partners:

We put immense effort to create your attire and that is why we make sure that you also receive them in the best condition. So we choose the worldwide trusted courier companies to ship your parcels worldwide. They deliver the parcels on time and with great safety. We have a partnership with the companies like DHL, FedEx, Sky-net, and USPS. These well-known companies are our proud partners. 

In case of receiving a damaged parcel:

Our hard-working teams are putting great effort ceaselessly into the crafting of your outfits. That is why there is rarely any possibility that you got a damaged parcel or defective parcel. But if there is any occurrence of the issue from that 1 percent possibility, then you can reach out to our customer care department easily. After receiving your attire, get in touch with us with your issue within 30 days. But make sure that you do not remove the tag of the attire, do not use it, try to alter it, or wash it. Because in that case, you will get disqualified and will not be able to avail yourself of our policies. 

Once you address the issue, we will surely resolve it, either by exchanging it, returning it, or giving you your funds back. Because in this situation you will be eligible for our return, refund, or exchange policy. 

Taxes and Import Duties:

Though the delivery is free at the The California Jackets for all customers globally. No matter what you order, there are not any delivery charges added to that. But when it comes to paying taxes and duties, that is added by your country’s law. Then you have to pay those duties and taxes on your product. Because all the orders here are delivered on the DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis. 

However, there are some countries that are duty-free. So the customers who are residents of those countries can enjoy their parcels absolutely free. As some of the countries do not charge anything in terms of customs charges. Custom duties of every country are different, and to check them is the duty of the customer according to their country. Because we do not charge any tax or duty. We at The California Jackets are not responsible for any local taxes and customs charges of your country. 

Apart from that, customers who are residents of the US can also enjoy absolutely free delivery. Because they are not entitled to pay any bucks in the form of taxes or duties.

Furthermore, all the important details of our shipment policy are described below. All the points that you should be aware of while placing the order at the The California Jackets are being placed here and described. So read them all carefully so that you can avoid any inconveniences while shopping:

  • Make sure that all the information that you give to us is correct and authentic. Because by using that we are going to deliver your parcel. So after filling in your data including your name, Postal address, E-mail, and other information, kindly check it twice. So you can correct if you have made any mistakes. 
  • When you receive your order successfully, we might have to take your signature for the sake of confirmation of your safely delivered product.
  • Further note that we do not ship your parcels at any cost by using the services of FPO, APO, or PO box addresses. 
  • As we have mentioned earlier, your customized products might take a long time to be delivered. So if you have made the order for two attires and one of them is a customized product, then they might reach you in different deliveries. You might get the uncustomized one before the customized attire. 
  • Keep in mind that once your order is dispatched from our end then we can not change the delivery address. Now at this time for this concern, you have to get in touch with the respective courier service company that is going to deliver your parcel to your doorstep. 

Reasons for the delayed shipment:

We surely put our maximum effort to deliver your parcel on time. But in some circumstances because of some issues, your orders can face delay. Such reasons and situations are mentioned below. So let’s take a look at them too:

  • The major issue that has a high possibility to cause your shipment a delay is you provided the wrong information to us. It can be your wrong phone number or wrong address. 
  • The other possibility that can happen is that there is the occurrence of a natural disaster. Either in your region or either in our region. 
  • Public holidays can also be a cause of delay in your shipment. 
  • Also, we pay great attention to crafting high-quality attire, so in case your parcel gets rejected by the quality control department. Then we will discard that and make a new one for you. So it will also cause a delay to deliver your parcel. However, it happens rarely. 
  • The courier company’s operational days can also be one of the reasons that can cause a delay in delivery. 
  • Custom holds are also one of the reasons why the shipment gets delayed and reaches the place a little late. 
  • Your change of mind and amendments also make your shipments face delay. As it affects the delivery and the changes you make increase the time period of shipping.